Career Counseling after 12th

Career plays a very important in one’s life. And this crucial decision has to be taken once. If you can relate to what I am saying, then you really need to read this.

Career counseling is a term we all are aware of. But hardly do we know what exactly is it? How can it help? Who provides it? To solve your concern about making a right career choice after 12th, we have brought to you some easy and helpful information with tips.

Scholar TalksWhat is Career Counsling?

If you are losing the night’s sleep over the matter of what to do after 12th then career counseling is the solution for you. Career counselling is the assistance provided by various career counsellors today, that helps and enables the students to make a well informed career choice. There are various services that the counselors use to get the desired results. These services can be assessments, face to face interactions etc. This is becoming quite a popular way too, to choose the right career option, at the right time.

Why Do You Need Career Counseling 

You need career counseling for the following reasons-

1. To Get An Unbiased Advice- At such young age you cannot get the real picture of a job and work culture that you think is best suitable for you. You need an unbiased and fair advice to tell you the Pros and Cons of it. The career counselors are the best people to provide you with that additional information as they are the experts at it.

2. To Keep You Updated– There is so much movement that happens in education sector. There are new entrance exams that are announced any day or the new scholarships introduced every now and then. It is difficult for the student to keep himself updated all the times. He can also miss to apply for such entrance exams and valuable scholarships.

To avoid that agony the student needs to be updated from time to time. Career counselors are responsible to keep you updated about all the movement happening anywhere across the country in the education sector.

3. To Stay Ahead From The Rest– In today’s competitive world, one has to stay ahead, updated and alert on the movements around. You cannot afford to miss an entrance test or a scholarship that can be life changing for you. The career advisor keep you on track so that you don’t lose your focus.

4. To Know Your Caliber – Career counseling helps you to know your own potential and strengths. A career counselor highlights your key strengths and then gives you the suitable career option which is rewarding too.

5. To Talk Without A Hitch-The shy and reserved students can get the benefits of career counseling too. If you do not feel comfortable while talking to somebody personally, you can use the option of online career counseling too.


Harsh MalikSCHOLARTALKS is a leading name in the field of career counseling. This fast growing education management company is founded by renowned career counselor and motivational speaker Harsh Malik. He is also an acclaimed author of the book ‘What to do after 12th?’ which was launched by hon. Chief minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav.

Based in Noida, the company is reaching new heights every day, with its outstanding services for the students.

SCHOLAR TALKS provides the following services-

1. The Book ‘What to Do After 12th?’
2. Online Career Counseling
3. Personal Counseling Sessions
4. Weekly Updates
5. Newsletter
6. Career Assessment Test

To now more you can log on.

Tips to Make the Right Career Choice– We have also got you the tips that can help you in making a right career choice. Here it goes-

Focus on your interest and strengths– Rather than getting influenced from a person or a job or a success story, you should try to know your key strengths and potential. If you are really good at something, that can also be a rewarding career option too.

Do not underrate your hobby– If you have a hobby like drawing, painting, arts and crafts activities, sports, writing or you are exceptionally good with numbers, do not underestimate it. In times like today, a hobby can also fetch you a rewarding career.

Talk and share the ideas– You should talk to people close to you. Your parents, relatives, friends, friends of friends can help you with their experiences. And you never know what strikes the right chord for you.

Keep yourself updated– you should keep yourself on track with eyes and ears opened, for any new development happening in the field of education. Keep yourself informed so that you don’t miss on any important exam or opportunity.

Career is not we choose everyday so do not hesitate to seek help and make the best decision for a successful career.